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Introduction of Distinctive Dungeon

Pubdate 2017-12-05 19:05



I think Corridor is an interesting dungeon. When you fall into an endless Corridor, can you make your way out?

When you enter Corridor, there will be 3 doors in front of you. Some of them may be unable to explore. You can select one door first, then you can either Explore or choose Divination. Divination can predict the event behind the door. If you choose Explore, you will open the door and trigger some random events.





Trial is where you challenge strong enemies and test your power. Though the enemies here are formidable, you will get great reward when you defeat them all! I suggest you to deploy heroes with restoration skills. Of course, there are restoration items and revive items for you.



3、Demonic Abyss


Demonic Abyss is the World Boss in game. The dungeon will open at 12:00-12:30 and 20:00-20:30. All players will be together and fight against the mighty dragon. Defeat it and win the reward!



Ruins have adopted a new way of exploring and added different kinds of items. Why not come and have a try? You can also gain abundant reward!

The old maze hides the magical Rune scroll. There are 10 difficulty levels in Ruins. The harder you challenge, the greater the reward!