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Gorgeous Online Ceremony

Pubdate 2018-01-02 17:53

1. Newbie Gift

Time: In 7 days from creating role

Activity: The new players can login to obtain lots of Sapphire every day, and even claim the Epic hero on the 7th day.


2. Lever For Sapphire 

Time: In 3 days from opening server

Activity: Use Sapphire to pull the lever can obtain abundant Sapphire. The Sapphire you get will be much more than you spent, and it is possible to claim a huge amount of Sapphire. The details can be checked in the Fortune Cat activity.


3. 1st Top up for Luxury Gifts

Top up any amount can obtain the pretty vauluable 1st top up gifts. And the Epic hero Meiruru is also on the list. The details can be checked it in the Chatting with Top up icon.


4. Privilege Contract

Time: Permanent

Activity: Purchase Warrior Seal,Sage Seal or Overlord Seal can not only obtain the privilege resources but also claim large amout of Sapphire in the daily login. It is much valuable. The details can be checked it in the Top up with Privilege icon.


5. Top up and Rebate 100%

Time: Permanent

Activity: First top up to buy the specific amount of Sapphire can obtain 100% rebated Sapphire, and each Specific amount can only get once. Except the 1st Top up 2X, The last Specific amount will send extra Sapphire. It is the great benefit. The details can be checked in the Top up.


6. Lucky Wheel

Time: In 7 days from opening server

Activity: Turn the wheel will get various kinds of resources, even the Epic hero shard. There will be free chance to join this activity every day. Dont forget it. The details can be checked in the activity.


7. Like in the Official Facebook for Gifts

Time: Permanent

Activity: Click Facebook icon in your character on the top left in the game. You can obtain the corresponding gifts through Like, sharing and inviting friends. And 5 facebook gifts can be got for once at most. The details can be checked in the FB activity of the game.


8. Come and Find Bug

Time: The 1st month of Test

Activity: During the activity, the player who submitted the game bug firstly can get the bug gift once we confirm it. The same bug is subject to the first presenter. Please dont submit the same problem. Each player can claim the gift for once. It is invalid for the repeat participation.


Facebook fans club: https://www.facebook.com/jyqy2017
Game website: https://jyqy.springgame.com
Service mail: service@springgame.com